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 I guess we are introducing ourselves now so...

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PostSubject: I guess we are introducing ourselves now so...   2013-06-25, 9:19 pm

Hi, how is everyone. most people know me by m3e/\/\ez313. some people call me memes,m3,black, so on and so forth. I am currently 18 old and will be attending college. I have been playing yugioh for ~7ish months now and I do find it as something of a hobby. Personality wise I come off as a bit... you could say straightforward (AKA asshole) due to comments I would make of others. Although these comments are in my mind hints and nudges to better one's self in yugioh. I never go to any personal things of that sort and much really doesn't bother me. I am honestly a nice person but my logic of how I think the game goes does provoke me to tell you when things are being done wrong. I feel that the person I have the most contact from the forum so far is Zerogravity so if you ask him i'm really not a bad person. you can ask me anytime for help with decks/duels/rulings of the sort and I will try to help to the best of my ability. hope to see more member in the forum =P
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I guess we are introducing ourselves now so...
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