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 RP idea: the war for the Duel world

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PostSubject: RP idea: the war for the Duel world   2013-07-13, 9:59 am

You basicly take the 4th season of GX or at least the one in the monster world, and we RP as the monsters living in that world so that people who want to RP but don't want to RP duels have an alternate option, the fighting will be done in on the forums in seperate posts, however for huge battlefields between the armies and the boss battles will be done in a pad and then C/Ped into a post on the forums.

There will be a limit for how many people can join the opposing party I was thinking of a 8 to 10 limit and every member of cha can only make 1 char for that, first come first serve. If one dies the next one on the list can be introduced in the RP so that we can always have a consistant party and it won't get too big. The rest can join the army and train, socialise, fight and basicly have more of a "free" roleplay while the opposing army people have to sneak around making sure they don't get captured or seen.

Monster effects will be edited so that it will help in normal combat and such
spell cards will be replaced by basic spells or objects (one use only unless equip or cont.)
traps will be curses which can either be casted or put on an item and go off at a mental nudge (one time only exept cont.)
Spell speed will be the speed with which you can cast the spell
example: you try to cast hitotama you first have to focus and aim while if you "chain" with spell of pain you only have to say the incantation to activate it.

Fusioning will only be able to happen with a scroll or piece of equipment that allows it.Only 1 body, the one who activated the spell is controling the body and maintains his original thought process. unfusing happens after 5-10 min or eff/spell counters

Synchroing can always be done, however you need a part of the beast's origianal body to synchro into it. Either need the desynchro spell or an effect. Synchroing means 2 bodies merging with eachother to make a newand more powerfull one teamwork is required to control it

Xyzing you need to have a good mental link with someone else to create the overlay network. You need an item which harbours the piece of the soul of the monster you are trying to XYZ into. Chaos XYz changing is possible, however all souls used in the XYZ have to feel the same way about something like killing it no matter the cost. Positive feelings allow the players to control the change, negative and the DM takes the change over untill the run out of energy. while XYZed the player with the highest total stat will be in control over the xyz but can still hear the others calling things and giving him advise, Per material used 5 mins, if you use a material it's an instant -5 minutes.

Basic plot

The world has been taken over by the armies of the Darkworlds, hieractic dragons, (in)Verz/steel/evilswarm, machines, and the undead.
There are people all over the world standing up against them and trying to exterminate them but so far almost everyone either got killed imprisoned or brainwashed to help them. There are however still 3 armies which oppose them for now. The six samurais under the order of Shi En. The heroics under the control of excalibur and the Gem knights under the watchful eye of Crystal.

the players either join the people which try to stop the armies ruling the world and kill them, that or they join one of the part of the armies and fight the other armies for control over specific parts of the world and at given times fight the other players.

So what do you guys think of this idea?
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RP idea: the war for the Duel world
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