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 5% [ 3 ]
 36% [ 22 ]
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 Necruta's humble deckshop

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PostSubject: Necruta's humble deckshop   2013-07-13, 9:53 am

Reflect Burn (a burn deck most people LIKE :S)  (55 points)
What hand loop? (hunterless wind-ups): (80 points)
Sea serpents with guns (atlanteans): (80 points)
*rabbit* (frog lancer):  (80 points)

Ancient mysteries/chaotic technology (Chronomaly/Chaosmaly):  (65 points)
Mother Gaia (earth mash):  (65 points)
Mailing support (infected gladiator valley):   (75 points)
Trail of Light and Dark (chaos mash):  (80 points)
Neptune's Wrath (water mash): (80 points)
Not-so-mermaid (mermail):  (90 points)
Invisible Ultra Mega Chicken's brother (Apex ninja):  (100 points)
swarming insects(zektor):  (100 points)
Mars's star (Fire mash): (80 points)
Incoming tornado (wind mash): (80 points)
Face down gallore(Illidan control): (70 points)

tap Z or R twice (phantom beast planes): (100 points)
Old Iron (scrap deck):  (55 points)
The weak king (King of skull servants): (65 points)
Small clouds (cloudians):  (65 points)
It's a matter of hand control (fabled unicore):  (65 points)
Super Nova (fire stars): (100 points)
Icy city (ice barrier lock): (85 points)
There where is smoke, there is fire (hazy flames): (90 points)
Failed experiments (Koa'ki meiru): (80 points)
For each effect, there is a counter-effect: (reactors): (75 points)
Skull rider: (skull flame): (45 points)

Deck bundles
Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan (all the elemental mash decks): (300 points)

decks currently in the making:
Earth's grasp (The world lockdown)

Skill level needed
Low, not much skill is needed this deck is semi auto pilot when I played and tested it. everyone that plays yu-gi-ph can play this deck.
Medium, some skill is required it has auto pilot functions but to play this deck regularly and win you need some skill and experience.
High, A lot of skill is required and either is very new or has a lot of complicated rulings/plays in it that requires you to see the combo pieces and use them in the right way.

Custom deck rules
Name: (insert deck name/card you want it to be around)
Competitiveness: (fun deck or highly competetive, AND be reasonable)
What card pool: (OCG or TCG)
Playstyle: (agro, control, stun ect)
(Price: (if you are going to make a deck IRL I build for you for some reason))
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Necruta's humble deckshop
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