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 Screw It Sup people (Draconian/Zack)

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PostScrew It Sup people (Draconian/Zack)

Well. What can I say. Hello everyone, I'm DraconianBlade, or Zackery, call me Draco, Zack or Zacker, and I'm me. Well, I've been dueling since late GX, but haven't been on DN for that long. My style of dueling is strategic, controlling my field, and the deck I use most is Chaos.

Now, Yugioh aside. I'm 13, have one of the highest tested IQs for 15s and younger in my city, but I'm rather childish. This brings me to my personality. I have a mixture of being shy, which explains the many ...s you will see, being insane, WHICH IS WHY YOU WILL SEE CAPS, and being cold, which may offend some people. Most of the time I do not try to offend but I do in some way shape or form, so please don't take offense.

Now, hobbies. I enjoy anime a lot. I'm currently watching Code Geass, Black Butler and Evangelion. I only just started Evangelion, and I'm still on You Shall (Not) Proceed, I'm on mid-R2 in Code Geass and only Episode 7 on Butler. Another hobby of mine is reading. I enjoy almost every form of literature, but I take a higher liking to fictional fantasy. My favourite book is not fantasy but is fictional however, being 'The Outsiders', a story of a gang of boys in the 1960s.

So, there's a brief summary of me. I'd go longer but I'm too lazy to write anything else. Meh. Merh. Stop Reading. Goodbye. *turns light off*
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Screw It Sup people (Draconian/Zack) :: Comments

I like you bro. Welcome to the forum. You will hate it here. XD -love Grass Destroyer
I like little kids.............

Lucky you aren't one.

Have fun here

Elephant approved.

'I like little kids.............

Lucky you aren't one'

I don't wanna know the ages of the little kids you like.

Screw It Sup people (Draconian/Zack)

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